Lucy lost her first tooth!
There was no rushing this tooth. It came out in it's own time. It was so loose that it was disgusting.

Jack wanted in on the pictures, but just his back.

Lucy told everyone for about a week that she had a loose tooth. Now she goes around telling everyone that she lost a tooth. It's a good conversation starter!


MomZup said…
Congratulations, Lucy! I can still remember the trauma of losing my first tooth. I think this calls for a brand new toothbrush!
Steven said…
Hooray! Another tooth!! I'm on my way.

The Tooth Fairy

PS Catch me in the act here:

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Sandy said…
Her hair grew SO fast, and we are jealous of the tooth (Griffen) and the hair (Lilee). We still love you, though. Even if you screen my calls.
Annie said…
She told me she's save it for me to see!!

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