It's soccer season again, and the days have been cooling off. Miles wore the official cold weather hat for all of our children- the wormy apple hat. He loved it, and loved wearing it, but mostly he loved taking it off. I would spare you the hi jinks, but I am not feeling terribly decisive right now. I'll dump the whole load out, and see what you find when you sift through.

Jack-son y Milosch.

Playing with Daddy.

We do have some high times at those soccer games!!


Tate Family said…
I can't wait! I am so looking forward to visiting with all of you.
MomZup said…
I think Miles looks like your dad, Sarah, in one of those pictures! I truly loved sifting through the lot of them. Good times!
Annie said…
These are so sweet. And I am excited to see all of you Vermont TAtes! Velcome, one and all, TATES!!

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