Our good friends, the Whites, have been celebrating their tenth anniversary in Jamaica, and their parents have been watching the White children up here on the mountain. I've seen the kids almost every day since their parents left, and they're such sweet and well-adjusted kids. I told Emily I'd keep an eye on them while they had goodly grown-up time. I love the Whites, and I love their children, and we've had the joy of knowing them while their family has grown.
I had Jack and Seth pose for this picture below for two reasons- one, they're cute- right? Two, they were matching, but that's not just any sweatshirt.

The third reason I took this was because Bowden and Joel used to wear these matching outfits in preschool together...really, four years is not very long, but the changes that take place in a child's life and growth in that time are enormous.

(Here are Bowden and Ethan, with Bowden wearing the sweatshirt, and here are Joel and Bowden together, but not wearing the sweatshirts. Trust me, it happened!) Seth was a tiny baby...only two months old. Jack was barely starting out in the safety of his momma four years ago- we didn't yet know he was there!
I'll remember this- and treasure this time for what it is.
Fleeting, rushed, and wonderful.


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