We had a good time at the Turning Leaf Festival at Idyllwild Bible Church. I entered a chili and Bowden and Lucy each entered a chocolate treat into the children's contest. Miles and Jack were both excellent taste-testers. Check Spelling Miles exercised his sticky fingers on my camera lens before this picture of Jack above.

Lucy and Bowden didn't win anything, but they both got a candy apple for entering!

I tied for second with my friend, Van Schipper.

This was a cute, drool-y baby who belongs to my friend, Julie.
Lucy, Jack and Becky loved the hay bales on the truck. I loved it all- but I'm too competitive. I love it more when I win.


Sherry said…
you look way skinny young lady. Good job.
Sandy said…
Jack really is a very messy child. I love everything about your family.

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