I have a table full of black and white photos that I periodically update...they need to be changed out more often- I've been looking at a two-month old baby Miles for over a year, as my little man has become something more than the spud her resembles in that particular photo.
I had the excellent idea of getting my kids with their Vermont cousins while I still could, so Tuesday night I borrowed Josh's camera to make these happen.
The pictures didn't really turn out. I have become convinced recently that I need a nicer camera...that my prodigious talent for blogging is underused and under appreciated-by myself- because my camera SUCKS. Target has a camera nicer than one I've ever owned and not so nice that I'd need to get out a hefty loan to get it.
Just a tiny loan. Of $650. Is that too much?
I digress...he are the black and whites I took. Bowden and Obadiah Tom, the tow oldest boys in their families.
Look at that sweet face!
Obie and his Papa.
My Vermont nieces. Lucy Joy, Grace, and Elisabeth, with a little Bowden thrown in for good luck.

Hams, all of them.

Bowden and Grace.
My Miles. He did not want to take his binky out, so I couldn't get any good ones of him.
Oldest and youngest.

Jack was not going to take a happy picture. This is me advising him to smile. That, or I'm advising my double chin to evaporate into my chipmunk cheeks.

Lucy, last of all, has lost the ability to smile naturally in front of a camera. She's still my sweet girl.


Jule Ann said…
That first picture is priceless. And oh my goodness, Obie is the Tatiest Tate there ever was!

Valerie always cheese-faces for the camera, now, too. I miss her easy, natural smiles. Any smiling pictures I get of her now have to be obtained by stealth and/or deception.
annie said…
Wonderful shots! They are precious kids, all of them!
The Sauce said…
We both know I can say too much just in my PREFACE for any comment, be it facebook, text, phone, in person: so, I'm sticking with one. Bowden looks like James Dean in the one where he's posing with Milosevic. He also looks like an older....Milosevic.
I miss all of these kids. That first one of the LuLu, Grace & Elisabeth made me a little sad!

p.s. i don't truly know what James Dean looks like. More a vibe.

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