We went to a wonderful store, Gelson's Market, and picked up some very special cookies. Jack picked out a dinosaur cookie.

He said, "I'll it it's head first!" and put the head in his mouth.
Then he took it out again.
"I'll eat HERE."

But then he still couldn't do it.
"I'll eat it HERE."

"No. I'll just lick it."

Even that was too much for the integrity of the cookie. So he made it walk along his lap, and the cookie made appropriate dinosaur noises. Then we had to pretend it was a T-Rex, "Okay?"


I think he did bite it at some point, but mostly he licked and sucked on it, between playing with it.


Annie said…
Part of it still survives in my Fridge door.
Sandy said…
He's fun.

Also, I'm guessing that's Lucy in the back seat... and I wanted to say she has your arms and hands. As in, they could be yours. In miniature.

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