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The Los Angeles Zoo has a children's area that is so outshone by the San Diego Zoo's children's area that I almost regret not renewing our tickets there...but I doubt the kids are judging it in the same way. I mean, getting personal with goats and sheep is fun, but at the S.D. Zoo, you get to pet antelope. That's usually a luxury reserved for wealthy people and Arensens!
Lucy desired numerous pictures with the various artwork, but I limited her to one.
We waited to get in, which didn't bother me. There was a large school group at the zoo in the morning, but they left after lunch.
The Los Angeles zoo does have brushes. That's a plus. And the docents are just as grumpy and judgemental as at any other zoo. This is a big goat.
Miles mostly stood back and watched and pointed. He loved the whole experience, even washing up afterwards.


Sandy said…
I like how there are wealthy people, and then there are the arensens.

Your children a pretty edible.

Btw... you could be amongst the antelope-petters if you choose Tanzania for the big anniversary destination. One for the "pros" side.
abigail said…
If you visited Nanticoke (in a parallel universe), we'd take you to our local zoo, the only one the girls and I have ever been to. We'd be done in about five minutes, and your children would be bored stiff.

(And I am not showing my children these pictures. They will think I am a bad mother for living in neither California nor Africa.)

YOU are a great mother! All four out and about with smiles in the sun!

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