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Jack's birthday was June 8th. Bowden's birthday was on June 10th. Miles celebrated his second birthday on the fourteenth of July. Lucy, my only girl, had her birthday yesterday. She turned six, and of all of the things that happened yesterday, I took a picture of our time getting a pedicure. This is something that Lucy asks for constantly. Nails painted, MAKE-UP (What? I wear make-up like once a month. And when I mean make-up, I mean mascara and maybe a little eye-liner. Not even lipstick. Not even LIP PLUMP. What is this?) the frilliest dresses, the most outrageously bright and flowered prints.
When I try to introduce the browns and greys and blacks in small amounts, they are discarded. I should say, they are ignored. Initially, any clothes are welcomed with thanks and hugs. Hugs for the giver and for the clothes. But then they sit in the drawers, lonely in their wrongness. Later my little girl will tell me, I don't really like that..."
Still, she's a runner and a climber and a fighter. She's not afraid of getting dirty and not disturbed by the creepy-crawlies, although her discovery of the rattlesnake blocking the way home made her cry a little.
Yesterday she woke up in her OWN room- I'll take a picture of it soon-with a mouse cage, a new little doll house, and lots of pretty things hanging around. It was so fun to put together, and her reaction was validating. We went down the hill to get our pedicures with the Campbells and Sarah Peck- who incidentally is the fifth of eight children just like my mom. We got our pedicures- with flowers- and then went to the pet store and picked out three mice for her new cage. The white one is named Bella, the little brown one is Cutie, and the black one with a white "belt" is Scarlett.
For all this, for all of the things and experiences we are able to give to our daughter, I am thankful. For all of her differences and distinctions and difficulties, I am thankful. I am shocked that six years have passed since I first held Lucy Gates in my arms, but I am glad for every moment that we have been given.
Happy birthday, Lucy!!!


abigail said…

That's unreal. How does this happen?

Boy, she sounds like Su.

I'm not one for make-up, either; if I'm lucky, I cover a zit or two on the way to church and put on a touch of mascara, but I've noticed that Susie is VERY interested in these. And my LIP PLUMP is missing!!!!! I now suspect that either Lucy Gates or Susannah Wren has it squirreled away for a fancy occasion.

Happy birthday to a beautiful girl, and may her Mama continue to mother with grace.

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