We bought a new couch from our friends, the Whites, and sent the blue-and-white guy packing. One of us was devastated.
Josh tore out a large piece of the back and saved it for Bowden. It eased his heart, but he was really upset that the couch was going. we had no idea that he cared about it at all.

The new couch, and Bowden with his remnant.

I also got a bread-maker. Before summer started, I made four loaves in three weeks. The couch was fifty dollars, with the bread maker thrown in for free! What a deal!!!!

(But this was MAY. That's a long time ago. Right now my sister-friend and brother-friend, Lisa and John, are up visiting for two and a half days. That's real-time.)


MomZup said…
I am with Bowden! That was one classy looking couch. Glad he has a remnant. Your "new" couch looks like it could become a good friend. Your bread looks amazing. Glad you have John and Lisa to enjoy for a bit. Too short, I know. Amazing picture of Jack in his crown! Thanks for posting!!!!! I check daily for these morsels.
I love that you call them sister/brother-friend. It sounds way Mormon, but I like it nonetheless.
abigail said…
Whoo-hoo for bread! I love bread. And butter. LOTS of butter.

I empathize with Bowden. I may not have it after our last move, but I used to keep a square of my parent's old kitchen linoleum in a memory box. Ugly as sin- orange and brown and Ugly- but it embodied childhood.

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