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My visit with Rosie was a blast. It takes about a million years to get there- okay, not really. I'm a traveling pansy. It was about a twelve hour one way because we took a couple of side trips beach-ways. (I had said that it was twelve hours round-trip earlier...I would really be quite a weak traveler if six hours was too much for me to handle. Doesn't 12 hours one way sound tiring? We stopped halfway to stay the night both up and down, but still.)

Once we got there, our days were filled with so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went swimming in the river. Bowden saw a "water-snake" that turned out to be a lovely yellow and brown rattlesnake. We didn't go swimming anywhere near there, though.

Miles and Seaside played together.

Naps were taken, but not by me.

This boy made these faces, just to melt his aunt's heart.

We ate many meals.

Selah smiled for me.

Nanny demanded poses.

We danced some... our lemonade stand.

Rosie was very welcoming.

So was Isai.

We love those P-Ws!


MomZup said…
Thank you for posting! I just loved these pictures. So happy you and Rosie and the little ones had some time together. . .great memories for little ones with dear cousins. You all look so wonderful.
abigail said…
I love this post.

It's still a joy-- and I mean that-- to see you and your sister enjoy each other's company, even in the pale form of a blgo, and I can only imagine how wonderfully compounded that is when your children also enjoy each other's company and squabble (if they even do) and look cute (which they certainly do).

I still check Sharon's blog from time to time, with no luck, so I'm glad you posted these for all the world (ME!) to see.
abigail said…
I'm so cool I have a blgo.

Only second-rate blgoggers have "blogs."

Join me!
sarah said…
I would love to join you in blgoing. I am about to blgo right now. I need to e-mail you about curriculum. I'm curious what you do.
abigail said…
Um. I read your comment.

It was all I needed to write the most insanely long blgo post OF ALL TIME.

It's a pretty boring blgo post, too, but I'm tired and nauseous and John's not home and I miss him and I have no juice in me for wit and sparkle.

Seriously, though, if you have specific questions, let me know! I'd love to swap ideas and good books. (And you should get Sandy to put up a blgo post about homeschooling, too. What does one do without a library?)
sarah said…
I loved that blgo post at It was exactly what I needed and wanted. Not boring. Perfect.

I wish Sandy would let me know about her curriculum. I should ask her. Asking is nice, right?! AND THANKS!!!!! I really did love that post.

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