As I was sorting Bowden's pajama drawer, I found a sock with an object I thought was a baby ring in the toe. It was actually a rock-hard mini-bagel.
"Bowden- what is this bagel doing in your sock?"
He looked up and grinned. "It's my bagel-sock. "
"Yep. It's the SOCK OF DOOM."


MomZup said…
My, my!
That sounds like something josh would do or say. You guys are doing such an awesome job of training up a child in the way he should go. Well done, Tates! :)
abigail said…
Ever since Millie popped out a girl instead of the boy I was convinced she was, I haven't really longed for a boy. This post almost makes me jealous of you, though. My girls do weird things all the time, but I can't imagine any of them giving me this gem.
Maybe this next little will come out with doom-bagels on his...or her....mind!

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