It took the chickens all of twenty seconds to discover the the maple tree on the center lawn was dropping it's leaves. It's been a beautiful couple of days, nice and warm, and the trees just turned.

Bowden had immediate plans.

Jack was not allowed to jump in the pile until later.

Miles thought the whole things was wonderful.

When the Rooster came out, he taught the kids the ol' Tate game of leaf-catching.

He helped rake, too.

Poor Jack. It was joy and sorrow all day.

See? We have seasons in California!


Hahahaa. Seasons in California. We do, a little, in select locations.

And I've never heard you refer to Josh as the Rooster. But it makes sense. And I like it. Guess that makes you the Hen. Kinda cute.
The Brunetts said…
I LOVE these pictures. They turned out great :)
abigail said…
For a fall-hater, you seem to like it well enough.

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