We had a really fun-looong- day in Santa Monica last Monday. We ate crepes, hung out with our friend Tim, and wandered about. The worst thing was what happened in these pictures. This man had a cage with bunnies, and the kids swarmed, and I spent all of my last change on it. That's right- bunnies for money. I didn't have any money, so I felt bad. I think I gave him a dollar in change. The kids loved the bunnies. The whole thing was stressful. It was chaotic with the kids, and honestly, how nice can it be for a bunny to be passed around from child to child?
I made Miles sit down, and the guy said, "Oh, yeah, that's a good idea." He was going to hand my two-year-old a huge bunny while standing!

My sister, however, is really lovely at this point in her pregnancy, no? She's pretty.

Lucy took the bunny...and then dropped it. Not on it's back, but still. The bunny was fine, but I was not doing well.

Miles loved holding the rabbit. It was cute. We took pictures- see? Then someone brought an iguana out, a big, beautiful iguana, and I was TOTALLY OUT OF THERE.

I don't know why the whole day was so stressful, but it was. I'm becoming a small-town weirdo.


Sandy said…
I love you you weirdo. And this post was hysterical for some reason.
sarah said…
Maybe because I ran from iguanas.
abigail said…
And because bunnies stress you out. (It's okay. Bunnies are SCARY.)

p.s. Here's one reason among many that I miss Sharon's blog words and pictures: I had no idea she was pregnant! She is beautiful. Many, many congratulations to her and hers!

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