One of the items on my to-do list for Chico was to take a picture of my family. Why? I tend to get a little morbid when I leave my nest for too long. I just needed something to look at when I was missing them.Jack put a serious face on.
My girl, Lucy.
Bowden likes what I'm saying.
So did Miles. I'm awesome!
And here's the hero of the week! I kept telling myself how good the week would be for the kids, left with the best father they could have. And how good it would be for their dad, to have his time with them. And it was. I came home to kids that missed me, but weren't clingy or crying. What a blessing my husband is!


MomZup said…
I love your posts and have missed them terribly! I love your dear family. . .each little face. I love that you love Josh and consider him a blessing and I love you!

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