Right across from the lovely homes that we were guests at was the Middlefork Savannah, which seemed more like a swamp to me and was full of lovely creatures and grass, and unfortunately, ticks.  We found seven on our party before we left.  Here is Uncle Josh talking about something ridiculous, I'm sure.

 We were tired from our flight and the little boys just wanted to be held.

The wedding was wonderful, but the best thing about Chicago was how it brought our Tate family together.  Here is my super-pregnant Lisa...look at that baby!  She is due June 8th!  I can't wait to meet her!


abigail said…
Ticks. Blecch.

Baby belly! Hurrah!!!!
sarah said…
I know! They weren't deer ticks, though. They were...grass ticks?Or something like that. They were big. And still gross.
123 said…

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