These party animals went to see the animals.You would think that a wedding would be enough excitement for the Tates.  You would be wrong.  We are party-all-weekend kind of people.  We went to Chicago for a wedding, but we weren't leaving until we went to a surprise birthday the ZOO!

 The cousins love to be together.  I love to see the cousins together.

 Okay.  By the end of it, we were tired.  Our family friend, Ruth Solomon, was too wonderful a lady to overlook, and it was so nice to be present for her big surprise.  The kids loved the trip, and the Brookfield Zoo was really wonderful.  It was my first experience with an indoor zoo- in California, the animals are mostly outside all of the time.
We left right after the zoo, and made it to Ohio that night.  It seems like years ago now, but it was just a week and a half ago, really.


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