Tonight I put my boys to bed, and gave thanks.
In a world so dark and dangerous, it can be hard to live without fear, but I manage, most of the time, to trust in the One who knows the hairs on my head, and cares even for the sparrows. 
Tonight I brushed my daughter's hair, and gave thanks.
Tonight I lay tangled up on the couch with all four of the small people God has blessed us with, and my faithful husband, and gave thanks.
I know how fast and terrible tragedy can be, and I know how hard it can be to find any good in any of this, but still, I am intensely grateful. 
For my healthy children, my happy home, and a God that loves us enough to let us choose to love Him back.
I'm praying for the families of the children and adults killed and injured today in my own country, and the families of the children and teacher in China who were attacked on Friday.  The world is not a safe place for children- it is not safe for anyone.
But I rest assured of the mercy of my God, of the passing away of this hard land for a good one, and of the grace that is offered to all of us, and the Hope born that we celebrate this month, a Child who was in grave danger his entire life, murdered by his own people, so that we might find our way home.


Josh Tate said…
Annie said…
Yes, Sarah- that was very beautifully said! I've been so burdened with it all, and the pain of all those families and the fear of all those children.
And have found the knowledge of Our God- Emmanuel, and His hearing our prayers for them to be an encouragement in my prayers.
Thank God for His incredible gift- His Own Son!
abigail said…
This gives me pause. A beautiful response to such a sorrowful thing.

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