Charlie played with colors last week

I put Charlie in some very silly outfits.  I like how he is so little that he doesn't really care what he wears, as long as it's cozy and comfy and warm enough.  I like that I can put him in lots of color, and now that I have four that dress themselves, and CARE about what they wear, I very much enjoy a colorful baby.  I took these pictures because Charlie loves the big legos, and because I love the colors of it all, and mostly, because I love Charlie's little man face, and the expressions he makes.
This piece he likes to wear.

Making a noise.

My Chars.  (Look at my excellent floor!  I  must have cleaned!)


Griffen said…
He is so beautiful. Looks like his daddy. I love his colors too. It's so nice you still have someone so wee in your life.-Sandy
Annie said…
He's so sweet!!
Abigail said…
Always get out the camera when the floor is clear. My mantra. That way there will be proof to offer the children someday when they insist that we never had a rug.

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