My Christmas present

I've been wanting a new camera for years, but the's hard to imagine spending as much as I wanted to spend on a camera that would belong to ME. I have a weird amount of weird reservations, but this year, after my mom left, we went down to Gainesville and bought a Nikon D5500 with two different lenses.  I felt like my occasions did not warrant this camera, but I have been playing around.  I wanted to go outside, but the day after we bought the camera, we came down with a mystery disease that just this Friday was officially diagnosed as RSV...we have been wiped out, but Charlie has been - at times- scarily sick.  These are my random pictures while I get used to my camera.  What was happening?  Nothing, really. 

Happy New Year!


Abigail said…
WHOAH! And hurrah! That fancy-schmancy camera is going to classify this space, for sure. (Not that it wasn't already classy, of course.) It is so much fun to jump from a point and shoot to the upper regions. When I got my Canon Rebel five (or four?) years ago, it felt like a miracle occurred every time I pressed the shutter. So fast! So clear!

THese are wonderful photos. You're gonna have fun!

(p.s. The girls all looked through your latest posts with me; we have the day off of hlearning b/c it's John's day off, and I'm still in my pajamas. I wish you could have heard all their comments. So many giggles! And they all wish they could meet your children.)
sarah said…
i have always enjoyed reading your blog, and I have valued getting to know your children, and their names and relative ages- what a luxury, to know so much about friends that live so far away!
I didn't think about how my kids and yours would see so much of each other through these kids know more about yours than I did about some of my cousins! Its a gift!
Griffen said…
These photos are such a lovely start. You ARE gonna have fun... And so are we! Hongera! (Congratulations.)

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