So, my glasses broke. Basically, they just fell apart. I went to Walmart and bought new frames, and am now the proud owner of a pair of purple(!) glasses. My old frames are getting good use.

If you didn't know, these are my two oldest children.

Lucy wanted to wear my new ones.

Then the old ones.

Maybe it's the glasses, but I think they look like me.


Annie said…
Just the cutest things!!!!!
Great shots!
Sandy said…
I am so sad because on MY continent, blogger is having trouble loading pictures, so all I can see is words saying you have new purple glasses, but no photos for the visual!!

Darn these internets!
C said…
Too funny! They are your carbon copies! Their expressions remind me so much of you! very cute :)
Tricia said…
Sarah, I love your kids. They are adorable.

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