Bowden was not the only one to experience the excitement of new school-time. Lucy, ready here for her second official day of preschool, started last week going Mondays and Tuesdays, 8:30 to 12:30... She has her princess backpack, her horse lunchbox, and two new outfits.

My school children...
Just so you know I exist, here I am. Lucy loves preschool. She wants to go every day. Jack loves being alone, I know I've said before- he's my only child stuck third in a family. He'll thank us later.
Lucy loves playing with a little girl only a few months younger named Samantha- they actually kind of look similar.


Sandy said…
Hey I can't believe it!!!! I just can't believe Lucy's off to preschool too. And with a pony lunchbox! Lilee would be SO 'J'.
Annie said…
She is so cute! She's so sassy! Thanks for the shots!

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