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Bowden's first soccer game was on Friday. He has been having practices twice a week for the past two weeks, and at the last practice, the team scrimmaged each other.
Bowden was still pretty clueless about the game. "Do we line up in soccer?"He was adorable. He said he was scared, and I could almost feel his little heart racing. "I was nervous before a game, too."
I think it made him feel better.
We left early for the game- with him nervous, I wanted to be able to take our time getting to the field...rushing would have been too much.
Once at the field, he calmed down and started to run around and shortly his friends Lucas and Micah showed up for their games. Bowden is one of the Bobcats. Lucas is a Fighting Irishman. I do not know what Micah is- he's too old for the "minor league."
The boys practiced and played for a bit.

I made them pose together, although, with duds like these, they were not hard to convince. Every kid out there is wearing a swimming pool worth of uniform...lets in the air, you know. Lucas and Bowden.
Micah, Lucas and Bowden.
Joel White is also on the Fighting Irish, and he came along not too long after.

Finally it was time to begin. The Bobcats were playing the Bumblebees...or Killer Bees...I don't remember which. The little blonde girl is Bowden's friend Lily from school.
She and Bowden shared a common strategy throughout the game...look around and move...kind the direction of the ball.

The whistle blew! The game started! Bowden was next to Payton, and they took off!

A corner kick? What is that?
The coaches stayed on the field for the entire game. I was encouraged to see this, as Bowden kept trying to get the ball from his own teammates.

Goal! Return to your places!
More quality soccer playing.
Coach Read had all us parents stand together and make a victory tunnel- Bowden's favorite part of the game. One of the other parents brought out the snacks and drinks. Bowden was ecstatic. His second favorite part of the game? "I like how many goals we scored."
That's because Coach Read's daughter Shelby was BRED for soccer. She can dribble around things and shoot the ball in the net. At five, that's major talent. Gabby and Payton are also good athletes, which means, according to another parent/coach, "Your team is stacked."
I asked Bowden what he thought of the game. "I loved it."
I found it slightly painful to watch, but it was a good time.
(Holy crap. With this post, have I officially entered the ranks of 'soccer mom?' Purse filled with more snacks, toys, and wipes than make-up and money? Check. Three car seats and a double stroller? Check. Mini-van with shin guards and soccer balls? Check. And the verdict is...)


kids so lovely!! i love!haha~~~
sarah said…
thanks, Jean!
Anonymous said…
A soccer mom indeed - you are one - now you are a target for all those politicos - don't let that taint the loveliness of the term because a mom involved is a mom indeed. Don't worry about him not being much of an athlete - they all have their strengths. A serious thought, keep doing what you have been in exposing him to all sorts of adventures so he can find his place and his talents. Aunt Roxanna
Tate said…
Wow! We don't have soccer team programs for kids until they are in the 5th grade. They do drills, learn skills, and learn not to run in a "blob" down the field for kids K-4th grade. Elisabeth is looking forward to competing next year. Go Bobcats!
Christina said…
Adorable! It makes me miss watching Dono play soccer. He played two years ago, but last year and this year we haven't been able to do it because of my work schedule. I'm hoping next year will be different. I too was a soccer mom, mini-van, three carseats, snacks, etc. It's not too bad :) (I've since ditched the van, but have a Suburban instead, so...)
Hottest soccer Mom ever!!!
sarah said…
thanks, mr. kangaroo.
Sandy said…
Agreed. Soccer mom (and HOTTEST, WOOHOO!) And, this really is one of the most detailed posts you have EVER posted, so, yeah, I think you earned it baby.

I love that his shirt reaches BELOW his wrists, but is actually short-sleeved.

Actually, I like ALL of it. We don't really have any equivalent here. Shame.
Anonymous said…
you forgot the awesome part about hanging out with the other soccer moms on the sidelines! Em

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