Lucy Gates and I have a Mommy-and-Me dance class on Wednesdays. She gets on her gear...
It's really a movement class, and it's really, actually, a lot of fun,

Bowden took some pictures, and put his fingers on the lens, but I love her body in this one- she's about to jump!
Lucy, ballerina.


Annie said…
Too cute! And she is so sweet.
Anonymous said…
One of our favorite poems when the girls were little is just right for this:
All little girls are really elves,
Though unaware of it themselves.
But that they are is understood
by those adepts in elfinnhood.
For little girls and elves and fays Have all the same quick careless ways.
The same clear voices, sweetly shrill
As wind-blown birds above a hill;
The same round interested eyes
That view the world with pleased surprise.
And no one who by happy chance
Has seen the little maidens dance
Or lightly dart from place to place
Or walk with quaintly elfin grace,
Can doubt that til their tens or twelves,
All little girls are really elves.
(Arthur Guiterman)
Go, Lucy! Karen V.
sarah said…
I love it! Thanks, Karen!

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