This last Saturday, Bowden asked me, "Mommy, do I have kindergarten today?"
"Nope. It's Saturday. It's the weekend. There's no school on the weekend."
He grinned, and said to Lucy, "Lucy! I don't have school tomorrow!"
Lucy ran into Bowden's open arms. Jack, seeing the love-fest and not wanting to miss out, ran in and also hugged Bowden.
"You should take pictures, Mommy!" So I did.
They sat down, together.
They ate ham, together.
They looked at me, together.
I just could not get them to smile, together.
Jack, the shrimp.

Bowdo, the clown.
Lucy, the Loop.
Oh, Jack wanted the camera...sooo badly.

The shoot had to end.


MomZup said…
Too wonderful for words. I can just imagine that impromtu little love fest and Lucy's delight that her Bowby was not going out the door to kindergarten. Wonderful post!
Annie said…
Soooo cute! The other grandma concurs! My heart is warmed like and oven!
Mom 8X said…
Beautiful children
john tate said…
Jack looks a lot like you Sarah in a couple of those pictures - I enjoy this stuff bunches.

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