Yesterday we spent a very inexpensive and enjoyable afternoon at the annual Harvest Festival thrown by one of the other churches on the hill. There was a scarecrow contest- our scarecrow was a little guy...and I don't think he was an American. Bowden and a friend we saw there from school made the message on our travel light bright.
Lucy and Jack actually slept in the car while Bowden and I set the little guy up. One we were done, I woke them up.
Bowden tried his best to knock the guy in the water- and he hit the target, but not hard enough.
I told him how to do it manually.

They had ten or so different games, all for kids, a quilt drawing, and an hourly gift basket drawing- Lucy and I both won!

Hm...I wonder where Bowden's star hat went?


MomZup said…
Looks like great fun. Did you ever find the hat?
sarah said…
It was in the van! Good thing, too- I'm not sure we could have survived without it!
Sandy said…
I love those kind of hats. They are so dweeby, but they make kids look so cute. Max has one. Lilee squeezes her nugget into it too, some times.

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