Here are my photos from the rose hip picking. This is about as dedicated as Bowden got. He picked one rose hip, then threw it out into the gully to make room for lizards.
Lucy was better, but did want to add every flower she saw to the mix.
The rose hips on the campground were very small, but we knew of bigger ones by the creek, so to there we went.
Bowden sat on the car for a while, Jack slept for over an hour there, and Lucy talked to herself on the rocks.
Eventually the shoes and socks, and pants, too, came off.


Anonymous said…
To me, this is hilarious! Both Alexae & Kelly went rosehip picking with me when they were about this age. I don't know if either of them remember, but the results were similar! Mom must be nuts! Approximately 18 yrs later, I am getting the "gee mom, rosehip tea has so much vitamin C" lecture. oh, really? Karen V.
abigail said…
I love the pictures of Lucy on the boulder in the dappled light. They are beautiful, and she is beautiful.

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