We went to the beach yesterday.
Rosie is out in California with Selah and her friend Uli and Uli's sweet dog, Cloud. Us Tates left for the Valley early- well, 9:15am. We made it just in time to get together with my Grandma for lunch at McDonalds.
Lunch was done, and we took the 5 to the 126 to Oxnard.
Rosie came out because Uli has been craving the beach- a feeling I understand entirely. They drove out from Flagstaff, and thanks to a conference day at school, we were able to take these two days off and visit with the girls. It's been a beautiful weekend so far...and I really like hanging out with Rosie and Uli.
I do miss my husband, though.


Your husband misses you. I have a funny story for you. A funny thing happened at the post office yesterday.
sarah said…
dip, dip!

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