I know, I know. I post too rarely. I post too shortly. I am a BAD poster. So, here we are, with a picture of your favorite Bowden, from today.
This week is "Red Ribbon Week" at Idyllwild Elementary, and today is "Red Rally Day" Prizes are handed out in each class for the most creative RED outfit.
I like that Bowden isn't ashamed to wear weird things. I hope he never is. I admire his strength of character so much, but I don't know if that will maintain itself he is more aware of the world and others around him.
We'll see. For now, he's a chicken dumpling.


Kelly Visel said…
I love Bowden's outfit, my mom said it was equally as glorious in person.
abigail said…
I, for one, think he has EXCELLENT taste.

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