The Saturday after Halloween was uneventful, and the kids were still pretty wired from the craziness of the night before. We had made paper plate masks with Bowden's class since they were not allowed to wear costumes (!?). Bowden wore his all day, and then Lucy wanted one. Bowden made one for Daddy- it is a buck.
Lucy made a kitty-cat...with teeth, of course.

Bowden added the red teeth to his mask.

I made this mask for Jacky, who liked to hold it but hated to wear it. It was the easiest thing to do ever- especially since all of the parts were cut out- the strings tied on, the pieces ready to glue.


Annie said…
You are an awesome room mom!
Those masks are a great idea!
Were the kids allowed to wear costumes at the end of the day for parade, or not at all, since there's a town parade? Just curious...

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