And you thought Christmas was over! With a little more time and ten times more room- blogger won, by the way- here are my Christmas pictures, soon to be followed by my New Year's photos...if I have them...and my old man husband's birthday. These are the results of Josh's Christmas gift- we have had an old silk wastepapaer basket from Josh's great-grandmother's tip to China before the revolution that we've been meaning to hang...Josh had the project priced and them came up with a cost somewhere above 700$!!!

My quick-thinking and frugal husbadn decided to try and do it himself, and fifteen dollars later, here they are! He sees imperfections, but I don't think he could have done them better.

I'm not explaining these very well. They were a wonderful gift, and Josh tried to pretend they weren't for me, but he knows how I love them. He posted them on his blog, too, so I am sure that they are nothing new.

The Shirley's visited on Christmas and brought homemade donuts...perfect with their happy gift of Green Mountain Coffee!

A walk that I refrained from...
Playing with Jack's puzzle game. Block game. Shape box. Whatever-that-thing-is.
The kittens warmed up, to me at least, within that first week. They're coming out around the kids now, too, so we are a happy, messier, cat-owning family.


abigail said…
I love those framed pictures. They're beautiful, and Josh did a great job.

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