The best Christmas gift was this wagon from my Umpa and Grandma. The kids lived in it for the first three days, thanks in part to a nice Nanny who pulled them around and around.

Nice work, Nanny!

Selah loved the heater first.

The kids looked through the stockings for forgotten goodies.

The babies loved the heater. Jack's hair was too long, and he could enjoy the rush of wind.

The babies enjoyed each other, too.

I don't remember this in the Nativity stories I've heard.


vicTORIa said…
we have that same SASSY dinosaur! and it turns up everywhere! if ever i thought a toy was alive, it would be that one.

love you!
abigail said…
Those heater pictures prove that Sharon's got a little Marilyn Monroe on her hands, only clad in a diaper instead of a glamorous dress.

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