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Christmas was quiet and still was good to have Rosie and Justin and my Mom and little Selah here.
I can't upload any more pictures for now...I need a little help from the blog fairy- Fabigail by name!


MomZup said…
Unpack that comment for me, please!
MomZup said…
I hope Jack feels better. No way to start the new Year.
abigail said…
In a swirl of sparkle and dust,
I come. (Looking nothing like a fairy and everything like a frumpy mother.)

I'll shoot you a long and convoluted email tonight. ANYTHING to keep your blog up and running.
abigail said…
Okay. I just sent an email to your yahoo account (hoping it's still active) and, as promised, my explanation is both long and convoluted.

I always deliver what I promise.
sarah said…
Thanks! I don't have your email in my address book, for some reason...hmmm...I also need your actual address, and phone number, too, if one exists! I know you fairy-country people aren't so used to thosee tely-phones!

And I have never seen you look frumpy. I can't imagine it.
abigail said…
I could take a snapshot of my typical self wearing the same pants and shirt for five days straight to prove it, but it might destroy your pristine image of me.

So you're absolutely right. I NEVER look frumpy.

And tellyphones? I heared of them nasty things.
sarah said…

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