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I took two trips down to the Desert today. I think that much magic must be black.

I did a lot of things. Wonderful things, boring things, uncomfortable things.

I took Bowden back to school. Goodbye vacation. We will miss having our little man at home.
I drove to Indio for the first time. It has potential.
I got to know my new doctor's office, and liked everyone I met. I liked the artwork. I don't really think that a determining factor in who delivers your baby should be the pastel the doctor's son did of his father, but for some reason I loved it. His wife is also an artist in fabrics.

I heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time. If I was to have 99 babies, I couldn't get bored with that sound.

I had blood drawn, and three other tests, too.
I drove back from Indio.
I took Jack down to the Desert the Banning way. This is the first time I've driven down to the Desert twice in the same day; quite the thrill.
I spent a lot of time in Doctor's offices. Dr. Rogers is a wonderful lady. She doesn't mess around, but she doesn't make you feel rushed either.
I found a drive-through to drop off our prescriptions, but not to buy food.
I ate out twice...I only got a Coke once, though.
I killed time in Target with my baby who has bronchitis past his bedtime waiting for his prescription to be filled.
I found a possible solution to the cat litter problem.
I supplied our household with cold and fever fighting tools.
I bought new toothbrushes. Good-bye Pokemon, Spider Man, and Hello Kitty. You are nothing but bacteria dormitories now.
I changed and dressed cranky Jacky for bed in the car.
I drove up the hill twice.
I spent maybe three and a half waking hours at home today.
I came home to find fevered and bronchitic (?) Lucy still awake. Administered the appropriate doses all around- Jack got his before we came back home.
I tucked in Bowden who talked about the beach and something else I didn't understand. I wonder where he gets sleep-talking from?

That's a lot, isn't it?

I missed one of my husband's days off. A sad thing, but the day wasn't too bad. Exhausting, yes, but not terrible. I prayed a lot for my family as I drove, and that was wonderful. I am very happy with my new obstetrician. I feel well-provided for with my pediatrician, and God's Goodness is easy to see in trying times.


Annie said…
I am so happy to hear about your trying day and how you made lemonaide. I had G.G. and Marlene and Tony pray for you with me when I hung up. It's good to hear of His goodness and of His answers to prayers in the midst of it all!
Love you tons,
abigail said…
I pour empathy into this screen for you. We've had sickies on this end, too, but I'm not pregnant and working hard to grow a baby!

I hope sickness leaves you alone and that you're able to find rest in the midst of the weary tending of the ill.

Let me know if you didn't get my email about picture dumping. I sent it to sadiecptate at yahoo, and I included my phone number. For now, though, forget loading pictures for the waiting masses and rest your bones, instead! :)
abigail said…
p.s. I love your address to the toothbrushes. "You are nothing but bacteria dormitories now." I heard your voice in my head as I read it. (Spooky.)
Tate said…
We are blessed to have you as a sister. We love you Sarah!
sarah said…
Abigail- I did get it and am trying to figure it out. I'm trying John's method first...but I hit my limit with the first forty would I have forty pictures to post? I'll try it now.
Thanks, and really, growing one can't be as trying as taking care of a sick one OUTSIDE. I think my four are more managable right now!
Sandy said…
Ggggg. If you wonder why I don't comment - it's because the connection here on the farm has it out for the blogger comment window, and it deletes everything I say, TWICE!!

first (again)
I love you, and your babes (even those yet unborn) and am sorry you feel like junk. I saw that Josh feels strong as a horse, so I guess that's somethin! Praying for chests and heads and tummies and what what...

And Abigail,
Would you mind forwarding those directions to another person in need of the blog fairy? I have often wondered and marveled at your ability to post hundreds of photos without taking 48 hours to do it! My method is painfully slow, which is why I cannot let more than two posts pile up at a time, without selling my soul to the blogger-devil. That's a mite dramatized, but...

Okay, love to you both!

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