The day after Temecula, and the day before Mom left for home, we went to the Wild Animal Park. It was very fun, but I was in a horrible mood that my mother had to put up with. Only a mother would. Bowden was especially cranky, too, which didn't help my mood. He's usually great on these outings, but he was coming down with the flu and a cold at once, but we didn't yet know it. Bad mood or no, I always love the Wild Animal Park. Jack loved the flamingos.
A shoebill stork, one of my favorite animals.

Looking at the stork.

More 'Mingos.

Jack likes birds best, so far.

Posing near the lions.

Near the lion's exhibit is the water play may have been too cold for this, but I had extra pants in the stroller.

And the chirruns loved it.

Jack started out fairly careful...

...but he just got wetter...

...and wetter...

...and wetter. I thought that he was done, but no.

He went back for more.

Lucy was more interested in peeping through the posts than peering at the California Condors.

Grumpy Bowden.

Condor faces.

Pretending to be giant frogs.

It was one of the last nights for the Festival of Lights, so as the sky got darker, the lights came on in strange and fantastic pictures.

We ate dinner near another play area, and then made our way out of the Park.

At the entrance/exit of the Park they had fake snow coming down. My children thought it was the most wonderful invention; "It's not cold!"

One picture and my batteries died. Thanks, Nanny, again, for a wonderful trip!


Sandy said…
You are very pretty, even while grumpy. This place looks like lots of fun.
sarah said…
Thanks, and I'm not, but I fake it well.
And it is! But all of the animals are captured, unlike the places you go!
kristy said…
i like that Sparrow necklace... which beautiful Oriental sister of yours gave it to you hmmm???

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