My mom decided to make her last few days with us a we drove to Temecula and went shopping. We ate at California Pizza Kitchen and it was marvelous. I love California Pizza Kitchen. Lucy showed off her pirate jewelry.

Bowden and sloppy Jacky. Their hair was out of control.

Say, "cheese," Jack-son.

My mom took us on a little train ride outside of the mall.

Jack did not want to sit with Nanny.

After the train ride we watched the movie Bolt in 3-D. It was excellent. My mom is a lot of fun.


Sandy said…
We got the Tinkerbell DVD from Reid's mom in the mail for Christmas, and due to previews, Griff REALLY wants to see Bolt.

You and Josh make some very pretty little girls. You should have another.
sarah said…
I know! We'll hopefully find out February 9th at my next doctor's appointment.
And Griff would LOVE Bolt. I really liked it, too, a bonus for children's movies... unlike the chipmunk movie, which felt like a lobotomy to me.
Annie said…
I love your photos, thanks for them. And I enjoyed my tiem with you all!

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