I love Spring. I love that the first day of Spring here feels like Spring this year in Idyllwild. We spent a lot of the day outside. Bowden is getting ready to go the volleyball court with his bike.

Lucy on the trike.

Bowden and bike. He told me that he really likes his helmet. "Doesn't it match my bike?"

Lucy ran about.

Riding was not as fast.

She raced Bowden, and won, every time.

Bowden still claimed that his bike was faster. He is a conservative rider.

Jack played with balls, and Mama soaked up the sun.


Tell Bowden I think it is a cool helmet too!!
abigail said…
Gosh, Lucy's cute.
And speedy!!!

And because I forgot to type it on my zoo comment, that dress Rosie-Sharon made for her is beautiful! I'd like her to teach me how to make one. (If her blog wasn't defunct, I'd suggest she post a tutorial. In all her spare time...)
sarah said…
At least her blog is defunct with Abigail advice. I'm going to get to spend a nice long week with her in a few...I'll let her know!
abigail said…
I think that's what killed the blog!

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