I had the briefest of all brief visits with my family in the Valley a week or so ago. Josh, unable to write a paper without resources, had to make a trip down to Azusa Pacific...I packed up the kids, and drove the extra thirty minutes to my mother's house. She had seen my Uncle Tony, Aunt Marlene, cousin Andy and his daughter Leyla walking up toward my Grandparent's house on the corner, so we went right up.
My cousin Dave was also there, so it was a very nice reunion. My Umpa suggested that we go look at the goats, so we walked the three blocks to my Aunt Angie's house. The goats were pretty skittish- Andy's attempt to, "grab the little one, " did not help them feel more comfortable. The chickens still enjoyed watching them. Jack, especially, is a big fan of the, "dotes."
What a pleasure it is to live so close to my family! The only problem, as I see it, with our life in California is the distance my very loved Tate family.

Nanny and Jack had "bonded"- not that they needed more bond- when we left the chillens with her while we lived it up at the CCCA conference.

Dotes and Nanny...what more could he want?

Aunt Marlene, ever on the lookout for staging opportunities, told the very willing chickens to go hide in the bushes...like little elves, or leprechauns.

Jack joined in, unsure at first.

I think he liked it toward the end.

The wagon load for home.

Andy likes to skateboard. Just thought that I'd let you know.

It was full-fledged Spring down in the Valley- the cool, but not cold, night air...the smell of millions of orange blossoms permeating the air...it sunk into my bloodstream, and our thirty degree weather up on the mountain leaves me feeling...bereft.

Certainly, more days like this are to come!


marlene said…
I love the pictures. Thankyou for humoring me!
Aunt Marlene
Sandy said…
I love those pictures of Jack and Nanny. They're sweet. I also know the sentiment, although it's been a while, of a lingering winter that just won't break. I can remember cranking Dido with the windows down on the first warm day in MAAAAANNNNNYY on my way home to that crack shack in Hume Senior year. Then it snowed.

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