My mother turned a youthful 54 yesterday. I know some people don't want their ages known, but my mom has never been that concerned about it- one of the many valuable lessons she has passed to us just by being herself. I had a check-up down in Indio today- 31 weeks already! Josh kept the kids at home, while Lisa and I enjoyed some unhampered errand running down in the desert- on the way home, we started talking about some kids in the church that Lisa is helping out, and the home lives of many kids up here in Idyllwild.

I have much to be thankful for- I am well provided for- our home, our jobs, our children. We are monumentally blessed. And from the beginning, I was blessed with a mother who loved me and God and made both of those facts clear in all she said and did.

Happy birthday, mom. I love you, and I wished all day yesterday that we could be with you. We have some small birthday plans when we next see you, but know, now, that we are so glad that you came about the way you did- that you are our Mom, Mother-in-law, and Nanny. We wish you lots of relaxing and calmness this week- not "wish" so much as "pray."

Happy Birthday!


Annie said…
Thanks so much- what a wonderful post!
I am blessed to have you!
Love you, tons!
happy birthday Annie!

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