We woke up Easter Sunday at the beach house. I had set out Easter baskets and scattered eggs around the two front rooms the night before, so everything was ready. Apparently Selah got up early and made Rosie come downstairs, but didn't notice anything. Once my kids woke up, however, we couldn't hold them back. They looked at the table, first.

Candy- for Selah just a pretty package. I packed the babies eggs full of yogurt bites and crackers and organic finger cookies. Selah is restricted. Not that she seemed to mind too much.
Jack slowly woke up to the fun to be had.

Bowden grabbed the first egg...nicely hiding on the ground, easily found for the babies. I told him that his eggs and Lucy's eggs were up higher. He gave the one he had found to Selah.

She cherished it.

Jack liked carrying his egg basket more than finding eggs.

Selah found them and immediately opened them and consumed the treats inside.

Lucy flittered around.

Jack found one in the couch.

He gazed upon them lovingly.

We got their big baskets down from the table, and they all took a gander at the plethora of fun things inside. I try to have as few bunnies as possible, and instead bulk up on lambs and sheep in honor of our Great Shepherd.

The girls.

Jack discovered that the eggs opened at this point.

Baby chick for the Selah-Paix.

Comparing treats, Selah took more to her little animals, and Jacky was in love with his and Selah's trucks.

Everybody loved the chicks.

We had a nice breakfast and got ready to go to church. Originally we had decided to leave from the beach house and go to church and then the Valley, and then home, but the thought of packing on my birthday or Easter was too much, so we let Bowden take the day off, and relaxed a little more on that Holiest of Days.


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