Bowden had his last tee-ball game in May, and did very well. He hit both balls off of pitches, and was a good sport the whole game. He listened to his coaches, and encouraged his teammates. He put the batting helmet over his face.
He ran home.

It was hot out, so we moved behind the backboard to soak up what shade we could. I brought a back full of dinosaurs and trucks to occupy Jack.

He shared...

...but he wasn't sure he liked it.


Run, Bowden, run!

He did!

Jack checked out the action by the bleachers

Lucy watched the game, peep-style.

What was Bowden doing?

At the end of the game, Bowden was awarded the Player of the Game medal, and given a two dollar gift certificate to the Candy Cupboard. He was pretty glad, I guess.

The Dodgers!

Idyllwild Town Hall had an award ceremony for the kids after the games. Every team won first place, since there were no outs. It was pretty awesome.

Bowden really enjoyed tee-ball. Much more than soccer, at least this year.

Go, Dodgers! Go, Bowden!


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