Selah Paix and her mother and father came up to our house for a night and a day, which was wonderful. It was nice to leave them with the knowledge that I might see them in just a few days. We took all the kids down to the pool. Selah went incognito in Jack's swim diaper and hat.
Jack lounged on the grounded float.
Bowden showed Selah the joys of the megaphone.

Lucy also did some yelling, not that she needs any help being louder.
Selah's momma took her for a walk into the deeper parts.
Just before it was time to go, the kids all played on the swing set outside. I tried to talk my sister and brother into staying, but they had to go.
I tried to get the kidlings to pose together, but Jack wouldn't get out of the swing...
...and Selah was cranky. "Smile!" I said, but she would not.
Lucy was ready to, though.
At least, she was ready to strike a pose. No more Elle magazine for this child.
Finally, I got a grin from the Sai-Paix.
Bowden wanted to take a picture with his bat.
My little niece. Adorable. I can't wait to see the next one.
They were ready to go, but Selah wasn't. It was sad to watch them go...the next time we see each other, Rosie and I will (probably) have much smaller stomachs, but larger families.


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