We got to the beach house just three and a half hours after we left Job and Jamin. We stopped for gas, for lunch, and for Starbucks, and shortly after getting to the beach house, we went with Rosie and Nanny and Selah to the beach. It was windy, so Jack stayed close to me. He hates the wind.
Soon he was sliding down the sand bank, happily.

Down and up, over and over.

Nanny took the adventurous girls down to the water.

Bowden saw something, but couldn't quite make it out.

What was that?

There it is!

Rosie and I posed.

And again. I like getting to be with my sister. There were a million things going on this weekend, but her thirtieth birthday had to be a priority! She still looks 17, to me, at least!


Rosie said…
that 17 year old has a scandalously large belly...

I'm so glad you were there!!!!!
sarah said…
VERY scandalous.
Sandy said…
Happy 30 years, Sharon.

And... 17 year old? Big belly? Which one?!
sarah said…
I look at LEAST 18. C'mon.
Annie said…
Babies having babies!
Sarah Tate! Don't say that! it's simply not true! I just know they will return. I'm not denying it will take time, but they will see that they left their hearts in California!

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