We had a birthday to get to, but before we left, I got the kids to go outside and take pictures with Uncle Job. Jacky was so cranky that I had to bribe him with candy.
He was really cranky.

The other two were happy to pose with Uncle Job- they didn't want to leave, knowing that he's be there after we left, and leave before we got back- but Aunt Rosie and Uncle Justin and Selah were at the beach house with Nanny, so we had to go.

Jack did not stay gleeful for the whole shoot.

When Uncle Job told him to come and say goodbye, though, he ran to him and hugged him.

Then froze him out. Jack's still grumpy.

Bowden and Lucy ran, too.

Goodbye, Uncle Job!

If you are wondering where Jamin was, she was in the kitchen, working until she dropped. We love that girl!


Sandy said…
1)They LOVE their uncle Job.
2)Lucy did not have the most lady-like pose for these pics.
3)You missed the word "did" by one finger on the keyboard.
4)Jack is VERY cute, even while grumpy.
sarah said…
They do, and thanks for the heads-up. I spell-checked, but it didn't think that "sis" was out of space there.

and he is cute. but so grumpy that it makes hard to notice.
Annie said…
What a wonderful gift Uncle Job is to those kids. It's good to see him and them together!

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