Lucy, the goose, posed like a ballerina for me...we were on our way to see if there was water in the creek, and I had just cut her bangs.

The kids say that they're bored. Mostly Bowden, and it drives me crazy, but I feel for him...I haven't been taking walks because of my ankle, and I am just tired. I thought that a walk to the stream would make him happy, but he and Lucy were still complaining, which turned me into one cranky mother.

Jack about to climb the stairs.
We found some water, although we were chomped by mosquitoes and I warned the kids to look out for the piss ants near the water.
They seriously Looked Out.

Lucy enjoyed the canopy.
Bowden told me about the water bugs around.
Jack, not knowing that HE is supposed to be the most cranky, was actually the happiest and best behaved. "Wawa!"

We left sooner than later because of the amount of bugs eager for Tate flesh, but it would have been a nice diversion, if the kids had been happier. Ah, well.


vicTORIa said…
i know the pain that is mosquito bites. if we are outside, even for a little bit, we come in looking like we have chicken pox. its horrible...

oh, and fyi everyone is cranky here too.
Sandy said…
Here too! I guess it's universal

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