On Sunday afternoon, after church, we went to the preschool show. Bowden missed his ceremony last year because he was sick, and Teacher Kathy let him join the crew during the song that he knew the signs to, and then gave him an award. What a sweet lady. The theme was princes and princesses, and Bowden was very excited to be part of it.
My handsome boy!

Here I am getting ready to tape it for my mother.

The girls with their princess dresses on, with their diplomas- oh, and little Seth there, too, clearly a prince and NOT a princess.

Teacher Kathy, Teacher Amy, and all the kids from this year of preschool. Next year Lucy will be going to the Idyllwild Preschool at the same school as Bowden for four half-days a week. I do love Teacher Kathy, though.

Jack got a lollipop and a cupcake out of it all. After the ceremony, we hung out with the Whites and ate pot-luck. The kids all escaped onto the super-fabulous yard for Town Hall's preschool, and no one wanted to leave. Lucy ended up falling asleep on the floor at home, and couldn't sleep that night, so she came down in the midst of our preparations for Jack's birthday the next day. She stayed up until 11pm...when we party, we party hard.


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