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Feeling left out of my baby shower? Here is the Tate Trivia Quiz you can take...the best score was fifteen or sixteen, I think.
Don't read the comments until after you've answered the questions, and I will put the answers there. Dylan and Katie have to take this on Britney's blog...she's the brilliant mind who got the most answers correctly, and she did this first.

1. Are Josh and Sarah having a baby boy or girl?
2. What is the full name of the youngest Tate? (not the unborn baby)
3. How many brothers and sisters did Sarah have growing up? (BONUS- How many did Josh have?)
4. Where did Josh and Sarah meet?
5. What state was Bowden born in?
6. Who was the heaviest Tate baby so far? Bowden Lucy Jack
7. What is Josh's favorite question to ask new friends:
a. If you could be any Bible character, who would you be?
b. If you came across Sasquatch in the woods would you shoot him?
c. I'm taking a vote; are puma, cougar, and mountain lion all the same animal?
8. What was Josh's occupation before Camp Maranatha?
9. What college did Josh and Sarah attend?
10.Sarah deeply loves her she Greek or Italian?
11. How old is Lucy Tate? (closest to the month wins)
12. All the Tate's, regardless of age, cheer for what NFL team?
13. What is "Happy Day" at the Tate house?
14. Where is the Tate's favorite Southern California vacation spot?
15. What is Bobber Ball?
16. What are they naming the new baby? (probably)
17. What year did they get married?
18. According to Tate lore, what really awesome food dish can only be consumed during football season?
19. Where did they get married?
20. The Tate family is totally awesome: True or False.

It was a very wonderful shower, and I'm glad to have celebrated our next baby with so many of our friends. We asked not to receive any gifts, so it was a diaper and wipes shower, and we got a mountain.
I really can't take a picture that does this blanket justice. It's beautiful- Emily made it for baby Brad, and I wanted to cry...every baby should have something homemade just for him or her, and this is something especially lovely.

I have such nice friends!


sarah said…
1.We're expecting a boy.
2.Jack's real name? John Fox Paulson Tate.
3.Sarah has just one sister (Josh has three brothers and one sister, you know.)
4.We met at Camp, in the dining hall, at the same round table we eat most camp meals at now. "Ooooh. You're Sarah."
5.Bowden was born in St. Albans, Vermont.
6.Bowden weighed 7 lbs even, Lucy weighed 7 lbs 5 oz, and Jack weighed 7 lbs 8 the winner is Jack!
7.Josh always asks B. But he always answers wrong.
8.Josh worked as a municipal police officer in the city of St. Albans.
9.Houghton College, we still owe you money.
10.I am as greasy an Italian as I can be at a quarter...but I LIKE feta and hummus and pita, don't get me wrong.
11.Lucy will be four July 28th...she is currently 47 months old?
12.Hail to the Washington Redskins!
13.Happy Day is the first nationally televised Redskins game. In my opinion, it is a far better holiday than St. Rugglins, but I am a Tate pagan.
14.If you read this blog at all, you know we vacation at the Oxnard Beach House when we can.
15.Bobber Ball is a game Josh created in which you try to "finesse" a tennis ball into a bobber hanging from the ceiling. You must be lying on your back to play, and you can't touch the ceiling with the ball...Josh briefly reigned as World Bobber Ball Champion, but my brother-in-law Justin stole that title in a punishing defeat.
16. The baby's name will most likely be Bradley Bull Paulson Tate. I want to name him Miles Bradley, but Josh has vetoed that name.
17.We married on June 16, 2001, and will be having our 8 yeaar anniversary in a week and a half! We've been a couple, though, for almost thirteen years...which must be how long Joel and Christine will be married on the fifteenth!
18.Ro-tel cheese dip tastes best when eaten during a Redskins game, and it's a fact.
19.We got married on the grass at Camp Maranatha, in front of the rock that Josh hit with the drive-on mower as a staff boy.
20.You'll have to decide that one for yourself, but if you answer False, you get a point off.

And that, my friends, is the longest comment ever.
Tricia said…
With regard to the name you chose...Belle said that it's "braggy" and that Chad is a good name. I'm not really sure what she means by "braggy"...if there is still any chance for change, that is her vote.
Sandy said…
17, but I was SO close on the Sasquatch one... I think he likes the Bible character question too, no? Almost got that last one wrong... but then I was like, "Okay, I GUESS they're awesome." And I've never heard of Bobber ball or the weirdo cheese stuff.
Tate said…
I (Christine) scored a 20 out of 20 and Joel scored a 17 out of 20. Apparently I'm more Tatish then he is.
Rosie said…
I scored 21 out of 20. I am that good...

I guess growing up with you and knowing you through all of those things helped...
sarah said…
I always knew it, Christine. Although, in the game, no one with the name Tate or Paulson could play.
but awesome, huh? I laughed when I first read it. Lisa and/or Emily made it...funny stuff.
1. boy
2. John Foxx Paulson Tate
3. 1 sister (bonus: 3 brothers, 1 sister)
4. Camp Maranatha
5. Vermont
6. Lucy
7. B
8. Police Officer
9. Italian
10. Italian
11. 3 years, 11 months
12. The Washington Redskins
13. The first nationally televised Redskins game of the season
14. Beach house in a town that begins with an "O"
15. A game of proximity ala horseshoes involving a fishing bob hung from the ceiling and an orb tossed at said bob requiring great tact and skill so as to avoid hitting the ceiling while still hitting the bob and trying to make the bob hit the ceiling for extra points.
16. Bradley
17. 2001
18. Rotel
19. Camp Maranatha
20. True
sarah said…
Nice work, Jorb. You made me realize that I mistyped number 9...I'll fix it now.
You'd have gotten it.
John Fox, my friend, FOX.
Oh, How is it that your whole family is so funny? Can I be a Tate. My last name is White and I still knew the answers to Tate Trivia. (but I did write the questions, that helps)
sarah said…
I loved those questions, too. They show how well you know us! And, have I said it already? I LOVED the shower. It made me so happy!

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