The problem, as I see it, is that I am too far behind in my blog posting. Today, for some unknown reason, possibly the fact that it's a chilly 45 degrees out in the shade, or because I don't want to miss posting the boys' birthdays, I have posted a ton. I went through and re-dated it all, though, for the days that these things actually happened.

I suggest that you ration your reading. I suggest that you read one a day, at most, and then you won't be disappointed when a week passes with nothing. Actually, maybe you should read one every two or three's better that way, I'm sure. I posted all the way back to my sister's birthday, and to Memorial Day.
We have had a ton of stuff going on- last Monday we went down to Indio for our weekly doctor appointment, and Tuesday we ate at our friend's, the Reye's house, for dinner. Awana Awards were Wednesday, so we had our end of the year pizza and movie party for our adult small group on Thursday. Camp's work weekend began on Friday night, and Saturday my mom came up for the whole day, and stayed for the baby shower that Lisa and Emily threw our baby. Sunday was church- I taught Sunday School to twelve 3- and 4-year-olds, and then the Preschool Graduation Show. Yesterday was Jack's birthday, my doctor's appointment in Indio, and then our end of the year party for our junior high small group.
Today? Blogging and general laziness.
I tell you all this so that you don't expect too much. I tend to post in spurts, and if I am able to post now, I doubt much will happen in the next few weeks.
Except that I have to post Bowden's birthday, and our anniversary is coming up, and the beginning of camp, and of course, this new baby will be here within a month or so, definitely...
maybe I'll surprise myself!


I read them all at once. I have very little self-control apparently.

I guess I'll have nothing to read for awhile. Oh well. It was worth it.
Liana said…
I'll try to ration out my reading - although I'm always excited to see a new post from you.

Miss you much, Sarah!

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