Jack turned two on Monday, June 8th!
We stayed up late getting Jack's birthday table ready. His biggest present took some blowing up, and I hid it so he would actually see his other presents first.

He liked it, don't worry.
Nanny got him a wonderful puzzle, a CD with songs from my childhood, and most fun, two pairs of pajamas with "dine-dines" on them.
He can ride on this truck or push it. It honks and makes other wonderful noises. He loves it.

We pulled out the biggest gift, a jumper with balls, and Jack, for some reason, became a dinosaur and growled and stomped all over the thing.

It was very funny.

He ate his favorite ya-yow (cereal) for breakfast, and then watched some cartoons in his jumper with his dinosaurs and trucks all around him. It wasn't until he was in bed that I realized that we never had a cake for him, or sung him Happy Birthday- other people did, on my phone, but we were busy, and he's two, so he had no idea what he could have had. He liked his birthday, my little two-year-old.


Annie said…
It looks like a wonderful, custom-made event for that little guy!
I think being a growling Dinosaur is his version of "happy feet"
Just adorable!
Rosie said…
Happy Birthday big boy!


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