Miles had his first real bath yesterday. At first he wasn't sure if he liked it.
Then he was sure that he didn't.

Poor baby!
Once he had the pacifier and a warm bed, he was fine.
Little frog belly.

And dressed. He did not mind the getting dressed, and he seemed to enjoy being nekkid.
Today, though, his skin looks like it's peeling and dry...maybe the baby wash I used, but it makes me a little sad for him. It really doesn't bother him, I don't think.


Sandy said…
1) I don't think you're supposed to be posting pics of his little shooter on the internet, but whatever.
2) How do they contort their faces like that? Amazing. I'd forgotten.
3) Miles is looking less asian these days...
and 4) He's got lots of hair!!

He's real sweet, and handsome, and obviously a paulson/tate product. And baby skin just does that about a week into things (dry, peely, all that.) Haven't you ever had a newborn before? Sheesh!

AND my word verification was "stankle". beat THAT!!
sarah said…
I love the picture of him crying. It's not nice, I know.
And he is looking less Asian, but he's still pretty dark...and hairy.
Does he look like our baby? I think in a couple years I'll have three little men running around that look as alike as your three, Sand!
His skin though, was dry and peeling all over, scalp and all, wasn't normal, I don't think, but I am always so tired after having a baby, that I may forget what they're supposed to do.
And shooter! I'm going to have to incorporate that into my vocabulary.
(I don't know what your reason might be, but for all those worried about my blog being disbanded for breaking blogger policy, I assure you, Miles naked...for quite some time, at least, is neither obscene nor pornographic, and thereby breaks no blogger content policy.
As for it being unwise, or making the child a greater target to pedophiles and perverts...I don't believe that that is a risk that blogs make any greater...I will probably not really think twice about posting "shooter" pictures until Miles is too old to change in public, like Bowden and Lucy.)

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