Lucy hit four years yesterday. I wasn't sure if I had the energy for it, but my Grandma and Mom ended up coming to hold baby and entertain chickens, so I got everything done that I had hoped to. All in all, it was a very celebrated birthday! I stayed up late decorating the table. I've been getting Milosch to bed at 9:30pm, or trying, but that night he was awake and hungry until 11:15.

The birthday girl's place setting.

We woke up at 6:45 to the sound of excited squeals and shouts of joy...the birthday girl was awake!

she was happy to point out all of the good things in readiment for Jack and Bowden...Lucy was very generous with her birthday.

Jack liked the hat, and the "tandy" that awaited him.

Lucy opened two presents right away...a bag with a new dress, another outfit, and a purse...

She also opened a bag of swim things with a new bathing suit...yesterday was Bowden and her first summer swim lesson.
Then she posed with the remaining presents, later in the day. See her new birthday dress?

Last night we had the staff kids over for smoothies and cake in honor of Lucy's birthday...she loved the attention.

Jack liked the little umbrella, and the opportunity to be sticky and messy. I don't really know if he liked it, but he did it anyway.

Making the smoothies...

My grandma held a wide-awake Miles while we entertained...she's such a good sport!

Lucy LOVED having the staff sing happy birthday to her. It made it very special for her to have everyone over. She also liked having a reason to wear ANOTHER new birthday dress.

She did not have good fire boundaries. I was careful to keep her curls away from the candles, despite her desire to gaze closely and directly at the blaze.
She blew them out like a champ, but she had to blow the trick candle out four times.

Happy birthday, Lucy!

Miles liked it all, I think, despite his face.
Josh decorated the train cake for Lucy. She wanted the car, "with all of the tootsie rolls on it."

Jack liked having the candy. SO MUCH.

I like celebrating Lucy's birthday, but I am glad to have all birthdays done until next year.


MomZup said…
Looks like a wonderful birthday party. I would have wanted the little train with the tootsie rolls, too. Loved the birthday dresses.
Sandy said…
Happy Birthday, Lucy!
I love her birthday dresses too... but I always love everything she's wearing in every picture in every post. She keeps getting more and more beautiful.

Your grandma's looking great too.

You too.

Everyone, really.
Fun Birthday.

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